castings of any material and the weight of castings can range from tens of grams to hundreds of tons. Cast materials capable of sand casting are plain carbon. inclusion of tutorials and sophisticated examples. Finally, starting with the edition corre- sponding to release V, this work aims to provide. MAGMAsoft Project management module Preprocessor module Mesh generator module Mold filling module.

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Hot spots in the casting shown in x-ray mode. Consequently utilizing the methodology of virtual Design of Experiments and Autonomous Optimization, robust process parameters and optimized casting layouts can be established for all cast materials and processes including heat treatment ttuorial melt metallurgy — efficiently and comprehensively at the same time.

You can quickly and reliably model your casting system, making it available for calculations. The letter ‘D’ here stands for ‘Default’.

Correlation matrix to assess the impact of process variables on different quality criteria. The cursor changes into a hand symbol. Do not use backslashes. Inform our Customer Support Department in advance.

A cursor appears in the input field. The simulation results will guide your choice of changes to the casting geometry and parameters. Prediction of feeding and porosity.

You have to make a decision that is based on the results of the simulation. Please refer also to Ch. There is an interface for importing already existing geometry data. An exception is maagmasoft user input in input fields, which you must always perform via the keyboard. There are different kinds of buttons: Your input is accepted.

References appear colored on the screen, the actual help texts appear black. You can activate and deactivate particular functions conveniently with these boxes.


If you want to cancel your input and leave the menu without? MAGMASOFT is a tool for the foundry industry that helps quickly and efficiently to test a wide range of improvement options and variations regarding tutoiral effectiveness. A common graphical user interface for all modules A project management perspective for handling of simulation and optimization projects Parametric Solid Modeling of geometries using a CAD kernel as well as import and export of CAD data Automatic meshing of geometries for the simulation Comprehensive process mapping with direct access to all magmasoct, process steps and the corresponding simulation settings Definition of virtual designs and tutorixl for optimization runs Simulation programs for the calculation of mold filling, solidification, cooling and serial casting applications Interactive and automatic result evaluation: However, there are also toggle buttons, which include several options for a function.

In the preprocessor, you can invoke online help by clicking on the function for which you need help. If you are going to magmmasoft us your project for further assistance, please follow the rules below. Assessment of the thermal balance in tooling.


In addition, you have the following options in order to change between the current help window and those that you have invoked earlier: Please work in detail through this manual completely and carefully. Together with the foundryman’s practical knowledge, you can use these programs to make the process more understandable and controllable than ever before. This description should also be attached to the media sent magmasift us.

Expensive reject castings are avoided, and the quality of the finished product is guaranteed from the very beginning of production. The following may help you use the program on your way to a optimized product or procedure: Temperature distribution in the melt during pouring. If no specifications are made, we assume that? Discuss with them the media type e. Please point out exactly what kind of help you expect from us.


We recommend to always use the local installation of the respective browser if you invoke online help. These recurring sequences are described in the manual in a shortened form. Casting is the production process for the future because the pouring of liquid metal into a mold gives the designer the shortest possible route from the starting material to the final product.

If you invoke a help text for the first time, pictures do not show up in some cases in the Netscape Navigator. Here you must enter your own specifications, normally figures, into special fields.

The Release Notes mainly serve to get an overview of the recent developments. With these alterations you start the next simulation, thus proceeding towards your goal.


The range of results comprises residual stresses and distortion, microstructure formation and local properties. It may again contain references to further text sub-topics. A look inside the die including cooling lines. Casting has developed from a form of art to a high tech production process. Easy and automated result evaluation.

Autonomous optimization of cooling system layout for thermal balance in permanent molds. As the manual is rather voluminous, it is divided into two parts books.

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