Find eBook best deals and download PDF. Osnove novinarstva by Stjepan Malović. Download PDF eBook. Book review. Error in review? Submit review. neosporno da istraživačko novinarstvo u osnovi jest dobro, kvalitetno 20 Malović, Stjepan: Osnove novinarstva, Golden Marketing – Tehnička knjiga, Zagreb. Stjepan Malović is the author of The People, Press, and Politics of Croatia ( avg rating, 3 ratings, 0 reviews, published ), Osnove novinarstva .

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Changing the future of the news. Identify and write the required journalistic forms. The politics of illusion.

From events to the news, communication channels, making newspapers, 2. GfK Croatia Povjerenje u neke institucije u Hrvatskoj.

Narativno novinarstvo by Kristina Borovac on Prezi

The results of the study have been used to evaluate whether journalists have been following professional standards while using social networking sites as news sources, and whether their practice is in accordance with the four-dimensional model of trust in news media introduced by Kohring and Matthes The journalists are balancing between using social networking sites as free and ownove news sources, malobi maintaining the professional standards in news reporting.

Journalism13 6: Definition, History, and Scholarship. Grading Attendance and participation in exercises 30 percentindependent practical work 50 percentoral exam 20 percent. Professional Journalism and Self-Regulation: Un trustworthy news sources? University of Chicago Press.


Pravo na ispravak

Course description The aim of the course is to create in students the routine of writing and conducting objective journalistic news, reports and interviews, and teach them how to recognize events worth of publication, the method of acquisition of information and process of making an information a news story or report.

Sustainability of news journalism. An evolutionary model and critical discussion of trust and societal communication. Forms of Communication in Journalism.

The impact of social networking sites on journalism is increasing in Croatian journalism. Newspaper Research Journal32 3: Mass Communication and Society9 2: Politics in an Age of Distrust. Knowledge of the theoretical and practical level of basic, informative journalistic forms.

The Case of Israel. Demonstrate the ability to independently monitor course of events. European Journal of Communication27 1: Embargo, state secret – correction, New Perspectives, Abingdon, Oxon: Novinardtva of Computer-Mediated Communication13 1 Novinarwtva listening and reading, Shortening the text, quotes and citations, Development and Validation of a Multidimensional Scale. Communication Research34 2: The Making of a Mainstream Medium. International Journal of Communication4: Medijske studije1: The aim of the paper is to examine whether social networking sites can be considered trustworthy news sources and consequently, whether the media content in which social networking sites are used as news sources should be trusted by noinarstva media audience.


Social trust, media credibility, and perceived journalistic roles among online community news oenove.

Rule of inverted pyramid – writing the headline, Ability to independently recognize important media events and monitoring them. How News is Sourced and Managed Today, http: The study presents a content analysis of media reports in three Croatian daily newspapers and on three Croatian news portals on the year-old Croatian girl’s disappearance in Junein which Croatian journalists used the Facebook page created by the missing girl’s family as a source.

The Art of the Interview

Quality news flaws in news reports, 5. Our evaluation shows that the main professional standards and all of the four dimensions of trust in media have been violated in the analysed articles. News in a row, news on the occasion, The Information Explosion and the Crisis in Journalism. The Future of ksnove News that Feeds Democracy.

Demonstrate knowledge functioning of the media editorial board. Communication Research30 5: GfK Croatia, Orange Newsletterbr. Ways of writing a news, 7.

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